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Making ideas possible

Social Innovations Partners is bridging a knowledge gap by developing, analyzing and supporting innovations that creates and incubates new business models, leads to improved systems of care, and changes ineffective sector behavior. Social Innovations Partners provides a place for new ideas to be contemplated, designed and developed and abandoned when not feasible, with the expectation that the process serves as the launching point that matches new ideas to societal priorities.

Social Innovations Partners is a focal point and resource for social impact investors, regional and national mission aligned foundations, government, not for profit and private corporations, and policymakers to recognize an organization as a social change leader and a database of resources to determine where innovation and social change is happening.

Social Innovations Partners members imbed themselves in the customer’s culture, adapts its processes appropriately and incubates cross-disciplinary teams to design new products and services that create a new culture of innovation within an organization. The overarching goal of the Social Innovation Lab ™ process is to incubate new industry ideas, products, and services generated by internal cross-disciplinary teams, via out-of-the-box thinking. This is achieved by building participating team’s capacity to create innovative models to address internal and external issues. The Social Innovations Partners process specifically teaches participants how to create and maintain an adaptive and generative orientation to grapple with and solve the complex social reality that challenges their organizations.

The Social Innovations Lab ™ is uniquely positioned to develop and capitalize on the international social enterprise movement. To ensure the social sector’s evolution and viability, social enterprises have emerged as a new model of business development and catalysts for social change. Social enterprises combine social impact with financial accountability. The best sustainable enterprises are capable of remedying many social ills while also growing in scope and generating financial returns.

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